Anonymous VoicePrint

Note: Verisoul’s process is 100% anonymous. We NEVER store your audio - we only store an encrypted, anonymous “VoicePrint,” which does not have any audio data, but uniquely represents you!

Before you start - make sure your browser has access to your microphone. Read here if you need help with browser permissions.

Step 1: Make sure microphone is turned on (see below)


Step 2: Take a good VoicePrint

  1. Ensure you are in a quiet space
  2. Minimize background noise
  3. Speak slowly and clearly
  4. Say the entire sentence

Still need help? 1) Click here → Return to Verisoul’s Hub to see all help guides 2) Contact your community support channel 3) Email Verisoul Support → Include detail, photos, videos of issue, we will attempt to respond in 24 hours